Thicker Than Blood

Thicker Than Blood

When Dr. Bailey Pogue becomes a trained informant for the FBI with orders to infiltrate a crime syndicate triad, he never expects his double life to cause those who love him to be the most suspicious, or for his daughter’s life to be in danger. In order to defeat a government espionage plot that threatens to upset the balance of power in the Middle East, stop the trafficking of young girls, and save his daughter, Pogue must outwit his foes while engaging in the battle of a lifetime—one he’s told he cannot win.

Book Excerpt

As the nearby mosque echoed the afternoon call to prayer, he stood, walked to the balcony doors and admired the hundreds of minarets between him and the Nile. The echoes of imams calling for prayer beckoned him, but he finally closed the doors. He’d pray later.

Returning to his laptop, he perused the possibilities through several pages until he finalized his selection—five-two, blond hair, blue eyes, cheerleader, American.

A smile coursed his lips, and his pulse quickened at the thought of it. There’d be no recourse. His action would be final. The funds withdrawn from his account.

He hit “Enter.”

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