Kids and COVID-19

April 24, 2020 - Blog

At seven years old, Jane’s tears were proof she didn’t want to be in my office, but her mother had insisted. Jane had a long splinter in her hand, which she’d gotten while climbing trees with her five-year-old brother. I assured her that I’ve been taking tree bark from hands for many years and promised to be careful. I soon learned Jane wasn’t crying because of the wood fragment. Her tears were for a different reason—fear of making her little brother sick by carrying the sickness (COVID-19) home to him. As adults, our world is traumatizing. But for kids, it can be worse. They pick up on everything. I promised her that I was wearing a big mask and glasses so she wouldn’t get sick, and if she didn’t get sick, her little brother wouldn’t catch anything from her. She glanced at her mom to make sure I could be trusted, then held out her hand. We got out that big old piece of wood. When it was time to leave, she said she’d hug me some other time because, we aren’t supposed to hug anybody right now. Her kid brother is a lucky little guy.