Thicker Than Blood Cover!

February 24, 2020 - Miscellaneous, Writing

Thicker Than Blood, my newest novel, releases on February 27th and I’ve been asked many questions about it since I released the cover copy. Those who have proofread the advanced version of the book understand why I chose the design I did.

Since the book will soon be on the shelves and available online electronically (Kindle and other E-books) as well as paperback through Amazon and Lamplighter Suspense, this would be a good time to explain how the cover concept originated.

Here is the back-cover copy:

The murder of one old friend and the revelation of a secret life by another leads Dr. Bailey Pogue to risk his life by going undercover for the CIA. But when he exposes a plot by an international crime syndicate that threatens to upset the balance of power in the Middle East, the revelation comes at a price: the syndicate has kidnapped his daughter. Now he must stop the trafficking of young girls and rescue his daughter while remaining undercover. Is saving those you love worth committing treason? God, Family, Country. Will Pogue’s loyalties prove too high a price to pay?

The story begins in Chicago, where Dr. Pogue works as a surgeon raising his family with his wife, Jenny. Drawn into the center of a powerful crime syndicate by forces beyond his control, he finds himself unable to get out.

Pogue’s undercover activities force him to take aggressive action, work with the underground in the Middle East, and expose the trafficking of young girls in order to save his daughter. Hence, the Blackhawk landing in a Middle Eastern community on the book cover.

Inspired by real events, this work came at a high price. It was important to stress the extreme nature of the conflicts Pogue faces both internally and externally. As he is confronted with becoming someone he has never been, he must decide where to draw the line—even when there doesn’t seem to be one. What sacrifices are justified? Is the greater good ever worth sacrificing someone you love? Is it ever wrong to do the right thing?

Life for Pogue will never be the same. But is that for the better?

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