What To Do About Africa

September 27, 2016 - Global Impact

african-village-from-the-airAs we left Sudan, our hearts were heavy—not for us, but for the people, for the friends we’d made–the friends we were leaving.

Living there even for a week had been harsh and extremely difficult, but we left families that will continue to try to survive each day as they brave the unforgiving environment and attempt to provide for their children.

We went to help, but as the airplane took off from the dirt field, it is we who were blessed. We would not allow ourselves to forget what we’d seen, or what they had done for us.

God spoke to our hearts, reminding us that He cares for those people far more than we ever could. As we make the long journey home, our thoughts were back there, in the villages, with the children, with our friends.

We pray for them, we remember them, and we will return. God willing, we will return.