The Ghost of Africa Chase

June 29, 2016 - Writing

The Ghost of Africa takes place in Sudan, a location in the north-east region of the continent extending into the Congo.

Because of the treacherous terrain, an extreme form of Jeep is utilized by the LRA, The Lord’s Resistance Army. In order to carry their artillery, including RPG’s, fifty cal rifles, and truck bed mounted machine guns, a more than average form of Jeep is required.

As Paul attempted to stay ahead of his pursuers, he could think only of the precious cargo on the floorboards beside him—a young girl who needed to get to the hospital—now. She only had a few hours left, and he knew it.

When the man stood again, Cijen was ready. He fired two shots into the man’s head, causing him to trigger his automatic weapon onto the floor of his own vehicle. An explosion inside the jeep forced it off the ground in a ball of fire, turning it end over end in an inferno of wreckage, sending billowing flames and shrapnel in every direction. Skidding sideways, it rolled before coming to rest on its wheels. Paul’s truck had gained enough distance to keep them from the explosion, but Cijen felt the heat.

The LRA is one of the most ruthless militias in the world. They have no regard for human life, and Dr. Paul Branson must find a way to stop them.

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