Jessica Branson — Daughter in The Ghost of Africa

June 1, 2016 - Writing

Jessica Branson is the beautiful, blond daughter of Dr. Paul Branson. With hazel eyes like her mother’s and the spunk of her father, she’s more than capable of handling herself in any situation.

Although she would love to be in Africa with her father after the loss of her mother, Jessica remains in New York City to begin classes at Columbia Law School.

When Jessica is faced with the reality that her father has a secret past, and CNN makes his disappearance public, she must suddenly deal with the possibility that he’s never coming home – a fear she has attempted to suppress. The actress I most often picture for Jessica is Scarlett Johansen in the photo.

Jessica grabbed the agent’s gun and sprinted across the hallway to the kitchen. As she ducked behind the counter, a man burst through the front door into the living room, crunching across the broken glass and hurrying down the hallway to the bedroom.

An unexpected twist of fate turns her life inside out when the forces that abducted her father reach out to her as well.

The worlds of human trafficking, ethnic genocide, and geo-political takeovers underestimate Jessica from the start. She is a force with whom to be reckoned.

The Ghost of Africa is available on Amazon.