Why it’s Not a Holiday Tree

December 7, 2015 - God, Miscellaneous

This is a Christmas tree.

It is NOT a holiday tree, as your president would have you believe. Why don’t we call it a holiday tree? Because it’s not a holiday tree, it’s a Christmas tree.

I know by now that there may not actually be a Santa Clause, and Santa does not fit in with my faith and beliefs anyway. But I don’t think I could ever imagine passing around a petition to have Santa outlawed because he takes the place of Christ. He doesn’t.

Some of you don’t want your kids believing in Santa. As a parent I totally respect that. You should do what your convictions tell you. Some of you tell your kids that Santa is real. Again, I respect that as well.

But in the milieu of commercialism and shopping and enjoying the Christmas season, we must remember not to leave out the birth of our Savior. That’s what Christmas is really about—celebrating the birth of the Son of God.

I doubt that any significant number of individuals are offended at Christmas trees. I’m not Jewish, but the Menorah doesn’t threaten me or hurt my feelings. I’ve had (and still have) many Jewish friends.

None of them care about a Nativity scene in a public place, and most of them enjoy the Christmas season. But they’re just as offended at our president referring to that beautifully decorated tree as a holiday tree as I am.

Yes, I’m offended that our own commander-in-chief cannot man-up and call it a Christmas tree instead of bowing to a select few whom it potentially bothers, and who have been vocal enough to gain media attention.

Mr. President, if you believe you’re serving the American people with your anti-Christian attitude and choice of words, what subset of Americans are you serving?

As an American citizen concerned for our critically ill nation, I have a right to know.