April 22, 2015 - Global Impact

We don’t understand.


In America we live in a great nation founded on sound principles, a strong belief in God, an understanding that integrity is as important as life, and the belief that freedom is the right of everyone.

I’m currently in a part of the world were none of those parameters exist, nor have they ever existed here. Instead of defending freedom, compliance is enforced.

Very few real choices exist in this world of fear, oppression, and suffering. Religion is chosen for you, your spouse is chosen for you, and your occupation may very well be chosen for you — if you’re lucky.

I was approached by a police officer here who was clearly looking for trouble. I was polite and compliant, but when he saw my passport in the number of visits I had made to his country he became quite upset.

In his mind there was no reason for a wealthy American physician (he had asked me what I did for a living, and all Americans are considered wealthy) to repeatedly return to his land unless I had ulterior motives.

To the people here, it makes no sense for us to travel to their country to help them, but once that sinks in and they grasp it, there is no tool more powerful to make a difference. The greatest gift I can offer is my time, and as I do, I hope in my heart they will ask me about Him. That’s the whole reason I’m here.