May 13, 2014 - Radical Hope

If you really mean business for God – If you truly want to move closer to what He has for you – If you are not afraid to be bold in your faith, I have a Spiritual challenge for you.

African boy at neverthirst well CROPPED

Ask God to choose one of your most prized material possessions, one of your dearest earthly treasures, and do this:

  • Give it to someone who needs it, or;
  • Sell it, give the money to the poor in a tangible way, a way you can touch, like supporting a child through Compassion International (www.compassion.com) or digging a water well in Africa for the destitute through www.neverthirstwater.org

This is a Biblical practice. It is a secret formula for closeness to God through obedience to his Word. It will open doors that can be opened in no other way, and you will be blessed beyond imagination.

I warn you, this practice is addicting, and you will find the bond between you and this decaying world sweetly fading, as your relationship with Eternity and Christ strengthens.

After all, this earth is not our home. Earthly treasures will decay and perish. But the treasures we store in Heaven will not wear out, will not grow old, will never decay, and cannot be used up.

Go ahead and do it. It will change your life . . . for all of eternity.