April 18, 2014 - Serious Struggles

The road is sometimes rough and filled with potholes. Is that a bad thing?

A friend, referring to a questionable relationship in which he was involved, stated, “This must be okay, since everything is going so smoothly. I mean—it just feels right!” The problem is, it wasn’t right.

We step into a situation which we know God does not approve, and wonder what steps we need to take to find out if it’s okay with Him.

When it comes to sin, or God’s clear instructions in scripture, do not look for exceptions to the rule. He doesn’t make exceptions to sin.

My friend decided to throw out a fleece—not usually a great idea no matter what, but certainly not when sin is the issue.

The fleece went something like this, “God, if it’s your will for this woman to leave her husband and marry me, then make that clear by having my wife file for divorce.”

Yeah, I know. But lo and behold, soon thereafter, she did. Amazing, right? Must be God saying it’s okay? Well as simple as it is to you and me, he saw this as his ‘go ahead’ from God.

Instead of asking us to give up our faith, sometimes Satan suggests that it’s okay with God to go down a crooked path—a path that’s clearly prohibited to others.

Roads strewn with potholes may not be the sign that we’re on the wrong path. In fact, it may indicate the opposite. When did God ever say that if we’re following Him, the way will be easy and the problems few?

Satan wants us believe that something must be right if it feels right. If he can get into our heads, he can make things feel right, no matter what. At best, this is a questionable standard of measure, and an unreliable moral compass.

The true barometer of right and wrong is still scripture—it always will be. Most importantly, you can rest on that when you stand in front of Jesus one day.