April 28, 2014 - Politics

Let’s say I wanted to go into the commercial space transport business. I want to charge people to fly them into outer space for one hour, just to see how incredible it is. Anyone can go, as long as they pay the fee.

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Let’s also say I don’t have the money to do it, or the plans for it, and realize it has never been done before. I haven’t work out cost projections, ROI calculations, or a sustainability prospectus. But that’s okay, there’s more.

I have not yet determined what parameters I would use to measure my progress, or gauge my effectiveness, or evaluate potential scenarios that dramatically impact the overall outcome.

Although the experts have warned me that I am going into this too blindly, I believe it will work, and am determined to make it happen.

Selling tickets for the flights in advance will raise funds. Each ticket will cost $50,000. I think it will cost $1,000,000,000 to gear up and launch my first flight since I’m starting from scratch, and that seems like a nice, big number. It means I will need to sell 20,000 tickets.

Although raising the money takes me three times longer than I thought it would, I proceed undeterred. Paying for licensing fees, hiring designers, engineers, IT experts, plant facilities and production managers, I am on my way to launching our maiden flight in a few short months, instead of years.

All looks good except for my start-up cost projection of $1,000,000,000 that falls shy of the $7,000,000,000 it will actually take to get the first shuttle airborne.

I will just sell more tickets, and I do, at $100,000 per ticket. Since costs have escalated, I have to charge the first group an additional $50,000 per person, but I can do that because I fall into a government category for which there are no penalties or regulations, allowing me to do whatever I want.

I now owe rides to 70,000 people . . . if the costs remain unchanged for the duration of the flights. The shuttle can carry ten people per expedition, and it can fly up to once weekly, baring any unforeseen problems. That allows me to honor 520 of my prepaid rides per year. It would take 14,000,000 years at that rate for me to be able to fulfill my obligation.

But no worries, because:

  • I’m sure that not everyone who pays the fee will actually want to take the flight, even though they have already paid for it.
  • If they want to fly, and we don’t have the time or money, a special panel of passenger overseers will be appointed to determine if they really need to fly, or even if they deserve to fly. This also takes care of the sustainability issue.

Welcome to Obama Care.

You may think the illustration is extreme, especially since President Obama held a press conference telling America that everything is going to be fine. It isn’t going to be fine. It’s already not fine. It’s already too late to fix it.

When you can’t find a doctor to see you, or even worse, if your government-sponsored insurance won’t approve for you to be seen, don’t blame the medical profession. We are here, doing our best under very difficult circumstances. And we are the ones the patients complain to as if we had control.

Fully centralized, government controlled, selective, socialized medicine is just around the corner. It’s close—very close. And it’s bad for you.