March 17, 2014 - Marriage

Satan roams about seeking whom he may devour.

Torn Marriage

He loves to attack marriages, and is willing to give you what you want as long as he gets what he wants. For that reason, these three lies are designed to get you where he wants you to go.

God wanted you to marry someone else and he can help you do it now

Surprisingly this is one of Satan’s most successful lies. He convinces us that we didn’t marry the person God had for us. In other words, we made a mistake. The lie is that we can never be truly happy in life. The discouragement leads us to wonder what life would be like with the person we feel God wanted for us in the first place.

It goes along with the old song lyrics that say, what do you do when you’re with someone else when the right one comes along? The world believes this. If you don’t like whom you’re with, and things are heating up with someone at the office or on that out of town trip, make your move.

It really is a lie. Once we give our vows before God, we are to remain committed to that spouse no matter what. That’s God’s plan for us. And the idea that God wants you to leave the wrong spouse for the right spouse is blasphemous. That voice in your head telling you to go for the other woman (or man) is not God.

Your Spouse doesn’t love you the way you deserve to be loved

We have the mistaken impression that we are entitled to a certain level of romance, attention, sacrifice, etc. Some of those misconceptions come from the media, some from movies, and occasionally from friends. But the truth is that we are to be more concerned with giving love, and less concerned with receiving love.

This concept is scriptural, and works because God knows that we will reap more than we can possibly sow. We pour ourselves into our spouses and fulfill God’s plan in the process.

You’ve done too much wrong to be worthy of love

Satan would love for you to believe that you shouldn’t pursue love, romance or happiness because you simply are not worthy. You should be happy that God isn’t striking you dead just for being a jerk.

The truth is that God accepts you just the way you are and wants the very best for you. That includes romance, love and adventure in marriage. If Satan can convince you otherwise, he can make you ineffective in all that you do.

And lets face it; being ineffective is almost as good to him as being doomed. At least he can keep you from leading others to Christ.