February 27, 2014 - Miscellaneous

A 6 year old little girl was a patient in my office today. She barely took a breath as she spoke.


Kids are afraid of doctors because they don’t like shots. Mom says my freckles are from God to remind me Jesus loves me because Jesus had freckles too. I never knew He had freckles, but it’s true. I’m not afraid of shots because I’m big now. I cried last year when I got a shot because I was only 5. When I asked my pastor if Jesus had freckles he said, “What would make you think that?” But then he said, “Oh, did you say freckles? I thought you said measles.” (A little giggle) “Yes, of course Jesus had freckles.” Do I need a shot today, cause I’m not really sick. My mom thinks I’m sick but I’m not. Dad says she worries too much. He has a hernia. You don’t have freckles but God still loves you. Mom has freckles but she uses makeup. Did you have freckles when you were a kid? Why do some people have freckles but not everybody? I’m not afraid of the doctor. Are you the doctor? Mom has a lady doctor. I used to have a lady doctor—not the same one, but she died. Now I just come here when I get sick. Do you have balloons or stickers?

– 6 year old patient who wasn’t actually sick–as far as I could tell.