November 25, 2013 - God

gwen_in_venice_1Recently a close friend found something Gwen had written on a piece of paper many years ago in a Bible study they had both attended. It had been filed away for the past fifteen years. When my friend found it recently, she thought I would appreciate the note scribbled in pencil by Gwen’s own hand.

“In order to comprehend the efficacy of Jesus’ blood, consider a scrambled picture of colors in which you see nothing of significance. Yet when you put a red colored clear film in front of it, your name shows clearly. The film represents Jesus’ blood. It is the only means to reconciliation with God. Without it, we cannot be looked upon by God and are separated from Him. Through the blood of Jesus, we are alive and without blemish or spot in God’s eyes.” 

– Gwen Brobst. Beloved wife, mother, and follower of Jesus Christ