November 6, 2013 - God

The trail was through some of the roughest, beautiful terrain I have ever seen.

Happy Goat

From time to time, men we didn’t know—men with guns and their own agenda surrounded us and walked only a few feet behind us. I suppose they were sizing us up.

It was unnerving at times, since we were hours from help. But as we made our way cautiously along, God placed some reality in our path—reality in the form of a screaming goat.

I must admit, I have heard about screaming goats, and viewed the You Tube versions of screaming goats, and wondered if they were real or dubbed sounds coming from those critters. They’re real.

As we walked past this particular goat, he let out a shriek that made us turn around. While the air was thick with tension, God provided comic relief, and we laughed like kids.

He screamed again, and even our unwanted companions laughed and moved on. God in His sovereignty and humor changed the day. The tension was gone, and we could see the beauty of the terrain once again.

How often does God do that? He didn’t have to relieve our tensions. He could have just let it go and chalked the experience up to character building. But instead He cared enough to throw in some creation humor.

I love this goat.