October 29, 2013 - Eminent Dangers

As the violence grips a culture, life goes on.

Violence torn streets

We take for granted walking to the store in the evening or maybe going to a movie. Much of the world is not that way.

An uncle walking to the market is shot in the head by a stray bullet. A daughter taking the bus to class at the University falls victim to a senseless bomb planted in a parked car nearby. A child is too close to one of the explosions in the photo and loses his sight forever.

It’s easy to feel comfortable in America, and I’m not saying we shouldn’t thank God for our freedom from such tragedy. But the violence from which we once felt immune and isolated is becoming uncomfortably close.

If you can’t go to the distant nations to carry the Good News, then pray for them. They need our help, our concern, and the truth about Jesus. Let’s make that happen before it’s too late.