October 28, 2013 - Global Impact

The countryside is beautiful. The rolling hills and deep valleys are shadowed by a lush green mountain range.

Hidden Valley - Africa

It is a picture of paradise—a Garden of Eden, but there’s something missing in this backdrop of glorious creation far from America.

The villages on the plateau are rich in heritage and tradition, and families share in the journey of life.

But as I stood on the brink of the waterfall overlooking the magnificent scenery, I couldn’t help but realize that the one thing missing is God. They don’t know Christ—they don’t have any way of knowing who Jesus is—they don’t even know what they’re missing.

It was a hopeless feeling as I surveyed the tiny villages in the distance. I am one man with nothing to offer but Christ. And on top of everything else, I’m not allowed to tell them about Him.

But the Lord makes ways where there are no ways. We sing about that, but do we believe it? If we do, what is our part in it? If Christ makes it all happen, why is our action even necessary?

The magnificent truth is that God has allowed us—challenged us—commissioned us to carry His Gospel to the world. Will we do it? We don’t have to. We can sit in our comfort zones (comfort zones are not from God) and say it just isn’t us who are supposed to go, it’s them (whoever “them” is).

Every time I spend time in these parts of the world, I am reminded how important obedience to Christ truly is. There is no substitute for it—no excuse for ignoring it.

Our jobs, all of us who are Christ followers, are to be obedient to the call. It isn’t easy, and it may cost us everything—even our lives. But that doesn’t change the fact that we are all going to answer for our reasons for not being involved.

I wish I could say I was good at this. But it’s a new challenge every day. But I will keep moving forward and trying to do my best. I will go.

Here are my questions — What is God calling you to do? What will you tell Him?