July 22, 2013 - God

In our world today, it’s sometimes hard to tell what’s real. Like the photo below, it’s beautiful, but is it reality?

Pink Moss Bridges - Ireland

I spoke to a gentleman from another country that offered some good advice. He has never been to the United States, never seen democracy, and never been free.

He said, ‘what is real is also truth. You can’t have truth without reality, nor can you have reality without truth.’

Sadly, in our society today, we don’t believe that. We say that truth takes on different forms for different people and different situations. But is that what scripture teaches?

If one believes that living in Biblical sin—sin that is condemned in Scripture—is truth for him, it doesn’t really matter. His or her belief has no bearing on whether it is true or not. Contrary to philosophical arguments, there is absolute truth. In fact, that absolute truth determines everything else that is true, and everything else that is reality.

The absolute truth is that Jesus is Lord. That being the case, it does matter how we live and what we believe. If Jesus is the answer, he is the only answer.

Instead of hiding behind secular evangelists like Joel Osteen who preach what the world wants to hear, and who’s credibility is measured by how many drone followers meet each week to feed his (and their own) ego, perhaps we should look at what the preacher is preaching.

If you believe that no one should judge you for your lifestyle, remember this—Jesus will. You can have a binder full of arguments when you step up to His throne, but don’t expect that to carry any weight.

Right now it’s not too late to turn to truth and repent from garbage. But it will be one day . . . maybe today.

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