July 20, 2013 - Marriage

When she was sixteen and I was seventeen, I fell in love with the most beautiful girl I had ever seen.

Gwen_hot_pink_pants, Gwen Brobst, mourning loss of wife, marriage and death

Gwen was perfect in every way, and I loved her from the moment we met. But she was more than just my soul mate—she was the very best part of me.

I dream of Gwen, and remember her constantly, but I live in the present. I have sold my home and live in a much smaller one so that I can use God’s money for missions instead of spending it on a big house.

God has opened doors for missions in Africa that I never imagined possible, as He removes the barriers that prevent us from spreading His Gospel.

My writing reflects Gwen and so does my life, but not only because of her, but because marriage is the perfect reflection of Christ and His Church. It is a symbol of His love for us, and an expression of how deeply we can love each other.

Today, spend time with your spouse, and be sure to tell them how much you love them. Those words never go to waste. You can never say them too much.

Gwen went to be with the Lord five years ago tomorrow. I love her still.