April 24, 2013 - Miscellaneous

The recent tragic events of Boston captured the attention of a nation and the world—as they should have.

Many celebrated the killing of the first suspect, and reveled in the capture of the second. But strangely, the center of the debate is not what I expected.

There is significant speculation regarding motives and influencing factors in the lives of these young men that brought them to the point where they were willing to take this destructive step.

But the key question—the most important consideration is … how does God feel about the lone survivor of the terrorist duo?

Many of my friends are happy that the first terrorist is dead and the second is nearly dead, and I know that most of them will read this blog. It is my hope that they won’t take my comments as judgmental—they are not intended to be so.

But perhaps it’s time to look at what happened, based on the absolute information available. And in spite of the unknowns, there is still absolute truth.

Both of these men were ultimately deceived. The deception occurred through others who convinced them they were serving God by their actions.

They were deceived into believing that America is the enemy of all, and taking the law—eternal law, into their own hands by serving a false god with violent acts against the innocent.

In using the word innocent, I understand that none of us are innocent before God. We are all guilty of sins against Him, and the blood of Christ buys our only innocence. But I refer here to the innocence of one who has done nothing to harm the offender.

But who really deceived these men? Was it the students at the college or the fitness trainers? Was it the way their parents raised them, or the men who trained them in a foreign land?

Actually, although anyone influencing them could be accused, there is only one great deceiver—his name is Satan.

Taking a step back from the situation, it seems horribly tragic that the young man who died has no chance of redemption for eternity, and the second has little.

I agree they committed a heinous crime, but Satan truly deceived them. And according to scripture, the only thing that keeps us from making similar tragic, deceptive errors is the grace of God. It isn’t our own good will. It isn’t even our own choices—it’s Gods grace.

The man deceived who dies deceived, spends eternity in dark, horrible, condemned separation from God. No one deserves that … no one. Not even a mass murderer.

Not when Jesus’ death made a way where there is no other way. I know that. You know that. Jesus promised that we would never be separated from Him. But, as far as we know, one of these young men is doomed to Hell.

Let’s pray for the one for whom there is hope, Dzhokar Tsarnaev.

What a victory it would be to see him worshiping God for all eternity. We are called to hate what he did, but love him with God’s love.

I’m not trying to be preachy. I’m speaking to myself more than any other person.