March 1, 2013 - Serious Struggles

It’s difficult to describe the exhilaration a physician feels when he does everything he can to save a patient—and succeeds.

In stark contrast, the agony of losing a precious life even though you’ve done all that could be done is an inconceivable, heart-wrenching experience that defies understanding.

Despite my training and experience, my power as a physician is quite limited. If that were not true, my wife would still be with me. But because of my limitations as a physician I can go only so far and no further.

Although God has no limitations on His power, we often hold Him at arms length because of our lack of faith, doubts, or failure to relinquish control to Him. If He can feel frustration, I can’t begin to comprehend what God must experience when He desires to bless us, or deliver us, or heal us—but we won’t let Him.

Recently, I was asked to share my deepest thoughts surrounding the final thirteen months of Gwen’s life—a difficult task. I must confess that they are not reflective of an unfaltering man of God. After the dust settled, the fact remains that if I had been given a button to push to stop Gwen’s illness and heal her here on earth, even if I knew it was against God’s will—I would have pushed it.

Doesn’t say much for me—does it? I am not posting blogs, writing books or speaking because I listened to the call of God—I’m doing it because He placed me on a path I didn’t choose—a path I didn’t want. Don’t misunderstand me—I do not say this out of bitterness toward God. I say it out of gratitude from the depths of my heart, not desiring for anyone to give me the credit that belongs to Him. I am honored beyond anything I have ever dreamed to be on the path He has chosen for me.

But how many times in our lives do we limit God by placing our requirements on what He does for us, or with us, or because of us? Is it possible that He expects to carry out His will without our interference—or even our input? The more important question is—can we even do that?

Can we say to God, “Here is my life, do with it what you will, take it away if you desire, send it to Africa if that furthers your kingdom, take my wife or my husband if your plan demands it because I trust you to work out your perfect will and carry your Gospel to the poor and needy everywhere.” That is something we need to decide, because He may require it of us—part of it—all of it—expect it.

Once we decide to trust God, to take Him at His Word and relinquish our control over our own lives, we release a power within ourselves that comes from Him—a power that will change the face of poverty and suffering—a power that will revolutionize the world and take the Gospel to every tribe and every nation.

If you don’t think that’s worth getting excited about—take some time alone with the Lord, just the two of you, and see what He has to say.

Question: Do you find yourself alone with your beliefs, or are others around you of like spirit? Leave a Comment below.