March 11, 2013 - Politics

DOMA—the Defense Of Marriage Act is under attack.

Bill Clinton, the president who signed this act into affect, now feels that it is unconstitutional. Really … ?

In fact, Clinton is quite outspoken on the subject, placing (as he often does) the burden of guilt on the American people, stating that the law unfairly discriminates against legally married same-sex marriages.

Clinton, and the rest of the radial left refer to same-sex marriages because they don’t like to say the word homosexual. It just seems so … you know.

Not to disappoint me, Soledad Obrien of CNN stated in her embarrassingly Obama camp morning program, that it’s time this country woke up to the fact that, when Bill Clinton signed the act into existence, it was a different time. She went on to clarify her point by saying that times have changed in this country, and at least Bill is willing to admit like a man that he was wrong. 

“Like a man” has nothing to do with it. Like a politician does. This brings us to the RMA, or Respect for Marriage Act—a bill that repeals DOMA, and restores (?) the rights of all lawfully married gay couples, implying that they had it at one time–which they didn’t.

Supposedly, the RMA is designed to benefit homosexual marriages financially, but is that what it’s really about? For example, the benefits obtained in a state where marriages are legal, must be extended to states where such marriages are not recognized in the event the couple moves.

This would effectively, slowly but surely extend the local state laws to the nation, legally and mandatorily. Perhaps that’s what you want—it’s definitely what some want. But it is not, as Soledad would have you believe, what the majority of Americans wants.

We have not yet sold out to sin in this great nation, but we are flirting, as we have never done before.

I have said this before but it bears repeating—God’s standards do not change with ours. His moral compass does not change, since He is the moral compass. That means He considers one man and one woman the only acceptable marriage Biblically. Do we fight that, or go along with it—that’s the question.  I’m not saying, “Read the writing on the wall.” I’m saying, “Read the writing in the Bible.”

It’s true, this country has changed, but it’s not for the better. We are sliding closer and closer to the point of no return. And you know what happens then.