October 22, 2012 - Global Impact

I know it sounds mysterious to hint without giving specifics, but unfortunately it just has to be that way.

Today I’m in a country that’s very far from home. Geographically it’s a long distance, but I feel very much at home here, and find myself missing the people when I’m not here.

Although it has been on the news quite a bit in recent years—perhaps for political reasons to some degree, this distant region has been portrayed as anti-American to the western hemisphere.

Interestingly, I don’t see that when I’m here. I wonder sometimes if the individuals making those statements have ever even set foot on this soil.

I don’t come here because I feel sorry for anyone, or because they can’t live without me. I am not here to earn points with God or to look good to my friends–it doesn’t work that way. I am here because God has allowed me to come. And even though I would like to think I am helping others—I am the one receiving the blessing day after day.

Insulation from harsh and dire conditions in the rest of the world is often an unfortunate outcome of prosperity and peace in the homeland. But not all the world is endowed with the level of freedom we enjoy in America.

If we are not careful, we can begin to believe that what happens in the rest of the world doesn’t really matter. But it does matter to God, and it should matter to us.

My pastor and friend, Dr. David Platt has encouraged everyone in our congregation who is physically able, to spend 2% of their year on the mission field somewhere. That’s one week out of the year.

I must admit, initially I was skeptical. How much of a difference could my week make in the lives of others—just seven days?

What I discovered is that it makes a huge difference to them. More than they need our money—they need our time.

I appreciate you remembering us this week. I may not be able to answer questions if they are posted, but I would love to read your comments. I will only be able to view twice daily, since we have to wait for satellite coverage.

Thank you all. I appreciate you very much.