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Author & Physician

Don Brobst is dedicated to fighting the indecency’s of the poor and needy children of Africa, the refugees of tyranny, and the victims of human trafficking throughout the world. When not writing, his life is spent on the front lines, fighting the battles, waging the war, refusing to turn his back on that which is most important.

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Don Brobst - Thicker Than Blood

Latest Book: Thicker Than Blood

The murder of one old friend and the revelation of a secret life by another lead Dr. Bailey Pogue to risk his life by going undercover for the CIA. But when he exposes a plot by an international crime syndicate that threatens to upset the balance of power in the Middle East, the revelation comes at a price: the syndicate has kidnapped his daughter.

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4 years ago

Don Brobst
Very excited about Thicker Than Blood hitting so many mile markers! Check it out on Amazon!amzn.to/3iBBG5g ... See MoreSee Less
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