When my family and I found ourselves outcast from the church due to a false rumor that fed congregational gossips, for a period of months we attended nowhere.

Endorsement with cover

My wife was less bitter than I, and urged me to be the leader of our family again—a responsibility I had briefly abandoned.

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Just when you think you have it figured out, God steps in.


Even when motives are good and we strive to serve, we don’t always know how that looks.

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In a world where we have everything we want, we remember there are those who don’t—many of them are children, and they are not invisible.

The dedication of mothers and fathers here in Africa is amazing in the face of poverty that has no equal.

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As a child, I was blessed to have parents who attended church on a regular basis, not just to attend, but to be involved.

As I grew older I began to realize more and more that this was not the norm. In fact I discovered that many of my friends no longer attended church because of something that happened in the past.

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Varina Denman is a fellow author who has just released an incredible novel.

Portrait Varina

My endorsement as listed in the book is as follows:

“Varina captures your heart in this journey of love, pain, and intrigue. Captivated by the town’s mysterious past, caught up in the suspense, and lost in forbidden romance, you’ll never be prepared for what happens next. Read this book. You will not regret it.”

Tomorrow begins a new blog series that you don’t want to miss.

It deals with Jading in the church and society, and affects more people than you might think. Tune in!

Sometimes things go the way we want them to—sometimes they don’t.


In a world where it is more important to spread God’s Word than to eat, we need to be able to accept what He has for us even when it isn’t what we’d hoped for.

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Balancing work with family time and an occasional hobby doesn’t leave us much margin in our lives. So where are we to find the time to invest in others? I realize that God has not called everyone to Africa. But obedience to God’s Word requires us to disciple his children–somewhere.

Lions in a tree

It’s hard to ask ourselves what’s important in life, but sometimes we must. What’s important enough to commit to and sacrifice our time?

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When people stop believing in God, they change.

Boy carrying baby Sudan-cropped copy

Where they used to hope, they are hopeless. Where they once had dreams and visions, they have ceased. In the midst of desolation or trial, they give up. Or even worse, they give in.

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She knows when you’re lying.

If you’re a married man, this is not news. I don’t mean lying about an affair or watching pornography, or anything disturbing. I’m referring to telling the truth about the basics.

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Transient commitment — It’s a fresh term for our society, and a new moral low. This is not what women want, and for good reason–it isn’t Scriptural.


Commitment is so permanent that civilized man has devised a concept that would pretend to embody integrity, but in reality, doesn’t. Think of it as a promise with an escape clause.

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