In the first half of the 1900’s, organized crime thrived when society sought to escape life’s harsh realities through alcohol, gambling and prostitution.


These were considered “harmless vices” and “victimless crimes.” Adults consented–nobody got hurt. At least that’s the way these distractions from life were portrayed.

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Don’t ask God’s permission for something He has already condemned in Scripture. He isn’t going to change His rules for you. 

We’ve all seen the commercials on TV showing the frail animals that need adopting. For pennies a day, you can provide a new home for the rescue dog or cat.

Kids at the dayschool

I am not against such commercials, and I love animals, but there is precious life that should not be forgotten in the midst of helping pets that need attention.

In the photo above, people like you and me sponsor children through organizations such as Compassion International, who give us the opportunity to put feet to our good intentions.

For pennies a day, you can actually support a child on the other side of the world, providing food, clothing, education, and the truth about God. Some of the children here have sponsors, and that is the only way they eat and hear about God.

Contact and make a difference for eternity.


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Take responsibility for your failures and others will applaud your success.

As the violence grips a culture, life goes on.

Violence torn streets

We take for granted walking to the store in the evening or maybe going to a movie. Much of the world is not that way.

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I frequently see patients in my office with vague symptoms of fever, rash, fatigue, headache, and a general sense of ill being.


Often this is a simple viral illness that will pass in a day or two, but sometimes – it’s not.

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When someone makes a snarky, rude or negative comment followed by, “I’m a man and I have to speak my mind”, get away from him as quick as you can. A real man does no such thing.


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Children’s tantrums are part of life for many young parents.


For families that have never had to deal with this common issue, tolerance for tantrums is extremely low. In fact, many adults consider tantrums to be abnormal behavior.

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Is God asking you to radically change something in your life? Is there a behavior he wants gone? Is there something He is telling you to give away to someone in need? Is He telling you to go to a foreign land to tell others about Him? If you are a true Christian, God is always telling you something. Listen. Take time and listen. It’s for your own benefit, not His. 

What many Americans have feared is now reality.

Ebola multiples

An Ebola infected individual has travelled on a commercial airliner and a busy U.S. metropolis exposing hundreds of individuals to this deadly disease—right? Although true in part, there’s more to the story.

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