This week I’ll be heading to a place I’m not supposed to go.

For that reason, I would appreciate your prayers. Decisions are being made that will affect lives for years to come. Here at home that is true, but where I’m going, the conditions are much worse than anything we in America endure.

That’s not to say that difficulties in our own backyard are not painful, or that they’re less important. But in a world where poverty and terrorism reign, where people are preyed upon as if they were animals, and young boys carrying assault rifles can kill without accounting for their actions, it’s different.

So, for now . . . just for now, if you could pray for what happens from a global, eternal perspective, it may just change lives in a way that nothing else can.

I have no power. God is in control. Always.

I was told that affection between a husband and wife is to be private.

Specifically, they shouldn’t kiss in front of their kids. Really? Well how about this?

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The road is sometimes rough and filled with potholes. Is that a bad thing?

A friend, referring to a questionable relationship in which he was involved, stated, “This must be okay, since everything is going so smoothly. I mean—it just feels right!” The problem is, it wasn’t right.

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There is no winning, no victory—you just have to keep moving forward an hour at a time, and hope you can do it just one more day.

reflections on Christ - crucifixion

This is the consolation offered on a major television program to a woman suffering deeply from the tragic loss of her husband. If you are having difficulty grasping this advice, that’s good—because God has a much better plan than hoping you can make just one more day.

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The moment we become fathers, our lives have new meaning.

Addie Ray

Our responsibilities and duties change, but our focus does as well. No matter what kind of fathers we become, our lives will never be the same–at least they shouldn’t.

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The world of medicine is a strange and frightening place in America right now, and it has many people nervous—as it should.

Hospital Crumbling

Out of frustration with spiraling health costs, the question I hear most often is, “What are doctors thinking, anyway?” As a practicing physician, I will answer that the best I can from my vantage point, which may be different for some physicians.

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We labor diligently, especially if it’s work to which God has called us.

Boy looking into hut Enlarged

But when that labor hurts those we love, perhaps it’s time to take a closer look. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do it, it means we examine our motives and the call.

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From the moment the doctor says, “It’s a girl!” we fathers witness the surfacing of a phenomenon that was placed within us by God.


The emotions that appear seemingly from nowhere include an innate sense of protection, love, and awe that we fathered a daughter into the world. But it is much more than that.

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According to Forbes magazine, Doctors have called out 90 unnecessary medical tests and procedures performed routinely that should be eliminated.


These physicians, or Mr. Obama’s minions, have deemed some of these procedures as “potentially unnecessary — sometimes harmful care provided in the US.” The problem is, what if it impacts you or someone you love. Let’s look at a few of these “unnecessary” procedures.

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We don’t understand.


In America we live in a great nation founded on sound principles, a strong belief in God, an understanding that integrity is as important as life, and the belief that freedom is the right of everyone.

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